"Samantha is a beautiful person to work with. You do not often see someone with so much passion in their chosen career. Such a talented and wonderful person to work with."

Rebecca Kerr - Director/Writer

"Working with Samantha is an extreme pleasure. She is highly professional in her approach to acting, as well as completely committed. Even to the smallest role she gives her utmost respect, attention and dedication. However, it is in the larger roles that she truly shines, and is able to demonstrate her wide range of skills that seem to be effortless.

Another aspect that I really enjoyed about working with Samantha is that she understands the dynamic of a film set, and does not demand attention at every turn like many actors do. I worked as a first assistant director on a film in which she played the lead role, and found her presence constantly positive and professional. She works well under pressure, and in general seems to adore what she does. She is a very passionate and talented girl, one that I would gladly work with again."

Frances Elliott - Director/Writer

"I first worked with Sam Zinner on a short film called "Life Is War". It was great to work with someone that was friendly, funny, professional and extremely talented. One scene we had to improvise and she caught me completely off guard - she has that ability to push emotion forward; to make it believable and to completely absorb into a character. She captured me with her performance which led to me casting her in my own short film "Conflicting Views." Now that I was in the director position, working with Sam on my film made the character more lifelike and fragile like a real human-being and not just a plain character on screen. I have Sam to thank for that as she created and brought out what were simply words on paper and in my mind. Samantha is a terrific actress and definitely has a long career ahead. Good luck and all the best for the future!"

Blake Prosser - Director/Actor/Writer